Piedmont Sustainability Policy

Piedmont Sustainability Policy

Piedmont Office Realty Trust is dedicated to environmentally sustainable practices that enhance our commitment to provide highest quality office properties. We strive to own and manage workplaces that are environmentally conscious, productive, and healthy for our tenants and employees by:

– Empowering our property teams with the data and tools they need to sustainably manage their buildings.
– Leveraging industry partnerships with BOMA, ENERGY STAR, and U.S. Green Building Council, to confirm and advance the energy and sustainability performance of our assets.
– Implementing processes that continually improve our environmental performance.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is comprised of the Senior Vice President of Property Management, Director of Property Management Operations, Director of Sustainability and National Initiatives, Director of Engineering, and all Regional Managers. Additionally, the Sustainability Committee will have consultants advise the group as needed. The team meets monthly to ensure Piedmont’s energy and sustainability plans are on track. Some of the plan elements that have contributed to our progress include: prioritizing the portfolio for capital investment in energy efficiency projects, leveraging utility incentive programs to complete lighting and other efficiency projects, and encouraging building engineers to participate in energy efficient operations and training programs. The team continually considers new projects and evaluates opportunities as they arise.

Performance Targets

It is our intent to achieve the following performance targets.

– Achieve a 20% reduction in overall water use intensity from 2018 by 2028
– Achieve a 20% reduction in overall energy use intensity from 2016 by 2026

We will release an annual Sustainability Report beginning in 3rd Quarter 2019 (2018 performance data) that will track progress towards our performance.

Performance Metrics

We are committed to providing our property teams with accurate, timely, and actionable performance metrics to understand how their property compares to others in our portfolio. We have partnered with Schneider Electric to collect and manage our data. Monthly invoices for electricity, natural gas, district steam, district chilled water, domestic water, sewer, waste, and recycling are collected and stored by Schneider, and relevant cost and consumption data is made available in the Resource Advisor software platform for reporting purposes. All data undergoes rigorous quality assurance checks.

Access to this information enables us to track performance metrics such as:

– Portfolio-wide energy use per square foot (kBtu/SF)
– Portfolio-wide energy cost per square foot ($/SF)
– Portfolio-wide water use per square foot (gal/SF)
– Portfolio-wide water cost per square foot ($/SF)
– Portfolio-wide waste diversion rate (% landfill, % recycling)

Real-time Energy Monitoring

We have recognized that monthly data only provides a high-level understanding of how energy is used in a building. Access to near real-time energy use provides deeper insight to building engineers of how a building uses energy throughout the day and night. We are currently partnered with Mach Energy to provide this service and all Piedmont-managed buildings utilize the platform as well as receive quarterly training and sharing of best practices.


We understand the value of periodic commissioning to ensure our buildings are operating within optimal designed parameters to meet the needs of our tenants. Every year, the Sustainability Committee reviews performance metrics of all buildings and takes any operational changes into consideration, then identifies the properties that should undergo commissioning the following year. This process enables us to keep our buildings running efficiently.

Building Certifications

We leverage industry partnerships including BOMA, ENERGY STAR, and U.S. Green Building Council, to confirm and advance the energy and sustainability performance of our assets.

– We certify all eligible properties to ENERGY STAR every year.

– Ineligible properties include those that are tenant-managed, have low occupancy, or have a score under 75. We continue to make our best effort to achieve the highest scores feasible for each of our assets.

– We certify every eligible property to BOMA 360 every three years.

– Ineligible properties include those that are tenant-managed or have low occupancy.

– We have certified 13 of our assets to LEED Existing Buildings O&M standards and 5 of our assets to LEED Core and Shell standards. We will re-certify our LEED O&M assets upon expirations and continually evaluate other assets for certification opportunities.

Energy & Sustainability Action Plans

In 2018, representatives from the Sustainability Committee held meetings with each property team to review items such as:

– Recent operational and capital projects that may impact energy or water consumption
– Recent operational changes (i.e. major tenant shifts) that may impact energy or water consumption
– Recommendations for energy or water efficiency projects
– Best practice control strategies
– Available ENERGY STAR resources
– Review of Mach Energy profile
– Review of electricity tariffs

As a result of these meetings, Energy & Sustainability Action Plans were created for each property. These action plans are used regularly by the property teams to track progress on identified action items and ultimately ensure progress towards energy and sustainability improvement across the portfolio. Representatives from the Sustainability Committee will re-visit these plans with the teams on a semi-annual basis.